Interviews with Rosamar

PADEL Femme: Interviews with Rosamar


Interviews professionals of the sport.
Interviews fans to support the paddle female.
Interviews entrepreneurs who want to collaborate or bet for the paddle female.
Interviews public figures who want to support and collaborate with PADEL Femme.

Begins the renewed, current and daring section “Interviews with Rosamar”. The encounter with the wisdom and experience of each interviewee will bring to us an image of the character more human, more close, leaving us a reading very positive that you did not know, to surprise us pleasantly.

We hope you enjoy and you spend a nice time and fun with the interviewees.



November 28, 2013

Exclusive interview with Carolina Navarro.

As a year, PADEL Femme he was present at the paddle tennis tournament WPT held in Valencia, the scene emblematic of “The Agora”. There we interviewed Carolina Navarro, the number one.

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April 4, 2012

The Club Social Santo Domingo tab the best Carlos Moya and Iciar Montes in the front of the new SD project and PADDLE courts and TENNIS ACADEMY

From PADEL Femme we want to share with you the interview to Carlos Moya and Iciar Montesas well as the answers of a woman, Marta Meirásdirector of CSSD. In addition, we will learn a lot of paddle from the hand of Chema Montesresponsible for the SD PADDLE ACADEMYthe school of paddle located within the incomparable framework of the Club Social Santo Domingolocated in Algete (Madrid).

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November 17, 2011

Jesus Gaya White, the monitor paddle youngest of Valencia, makes the leap to the professional circuit

The cadet Jesus, Gaya, having won several tournaments private in the Valencian Community makes the leap to the professional circuit.
Is the new image of the Brand DROP-SHOT, a leading brand in the market sports Clothing and Bladed paddle, Jesus also joins the team of PADEL Femme-PLAN TOP energy drink HEALTHY, NATURAL AND WITHOUT TAURINE”) of where you already are image of the same, Iciar Montes and Patty Llaguno (current champions of the World and of Spain).

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March 10, 2011

Julio Fernández, a monitor high-level

Monitor paddle, amateur player, 42 years old, tall, attractive, single, works in the computer world, form part of a large company, with a position of deployment of systems where teamwork is essential, a great communicator and transmitter in the teaching of the paddle, with its 15 years of experience at your back, you make it out to be a great monitor with a very high level of teaching.

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March 10, 2011

Interview with Maitane Pernaut Club New Chartreuse Paddle tennis & Tennis

Maitane Pernaut, monitor, paddle tennis Club New Carthusian monastery speaks to us about their projects, to promote the paddle as female and shows us a club with their own style.

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March 6, 2011

Juan José Mieres, a prince in PADEL Femme

Juan José Mieres, known in the circuit and family as Jamie, 30 years old, born in Argentina (Bahía Blanca), nationalized Spanish, dubbed as one of the princes of the circuit PPT being the pair number 2 of the ranking in these moments, the player paddle from 12 years ago.

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March 6, 2011

PADEL Femme with Iciar Montes pentacampeona world

Iciar's an honor to have you opening PADEL Femme, we want to thank you for your collaboration and involvement in the new web of support for the paddle a female, I thank you in advance for your time, dedication and especially your words.

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