The Spanish centers of High Performance Sport is consolidated as a world reference in the preparation of the athlete.

  • Over the past year, their sports facilities were the place of training of nearly 2,900 athletes and coaches from countries all over the world
  • The residences of sports of Madrid, San Cugat and the Sierra Nevada were about 27,500 overnight stays of international delegations
  • The stay of athletes coming from other countries in the Spanish centres demonstrates the excellence of their facilities while helping to improve the performance of our athletes

CAR Madrid Piscina

The Spanish centers of High Sporting Performance (CAR) host each year to thousands of athletes who choose to their facilities to complete your preparation for the most important tests of the calendar.

The centres of Madrid, San Cugat, the Sierra Nevada and the Lion received throughout the past year to a total of 2.865 athletes and coaches from about 50 countries of the five continents. The dependencies for the residence of the athletes welcomed in 2016 near 27.500 overnight stays of foreigners.

The statistics shed data so interesting as, for example, the high number of athletes from outside our borders who have requested to complete their preparation in the CAR of Sierra Nevada.

In this center, located at 2.320 metres above sea level, which allows for training at altitude as a technique for the enhancement of sports performance, passed in 2016 a total 1.307 athletes and coaches foreigners from more than 25 different countries. Her residence housed 13.507 stays.

Among the countries with the most assists include Japan (1.465 stays), Norway (1.192), Poland (762), Hungary (742) or Portugal (662).

Throughout 2016, the olympic year in which the preparation of the high-level athlete is focused on the Rio Games, passed by the andalusian centre for the winners of 29 olympic medals in five sports: swimming (13 medals), rowing (8 medals), cycling (5), and struggle (2).

In the CAR of Sierra Nevada trained national teams of swimming in Japan or Sweden, whose results in the aquatic center Rio boosted their countries in the medal count olympic, with 5 and 4 medals respectively. The selections of paralympic swimming Brazil (9 medals in Rio), Germany (1 medal), Norway (6 medals) and Poland (1 medal), also trained in the swimming pool of the Sierra Nevada.

CAR Sierra Nevada

The High Performance Center of Madrid, for its part, hosted the training of 166 athletes from countries with great sports results as EE.USA (swimming), France (weightlifting), Hungary (table tennis), Denmark (badminton), Russia (swimming) or Canada (swimming). The centre of madrid, with the least capacity to receive foreign nationals by the large number of sportsmen and Spanish national teams that use it daily its facilities, recorded in the Residence Blume 161 overnight stays foreign.

The CAR of sant Cugat was chosen by 1.382 athletes and foreign technicians in 2016, used his residence to 13.763 overnight stays. Countries such as Germany, France or Canada, with a great sports tradition in disciplines such as the pentathlon, swimming or track and field, moved its equipment to the facilities of catalonia. Other states with projection of the sport as Brazil or Saudi Arabia also made use of CAR San Cugat.

The Centre of León, the reduced extension with its 25,000 square metres, was awarded to 10 athletes and foreign technicians. Members of the combined national athletics of Chile, Argentina and Portugal, used its facilities to complete their preparation over the past year. This centre, located next to the Campus of the University of León, with no residence for the rest of the athletes.

Data on the use of the CAR spaniards on the part of athletes foreign highlight each year the quality and the excellence of the sporting facilities Spanish aimed at the high-level sport. Countries around the world value above all the advanced equipment of their spaces, sports and leisure, their appropriate locations and their good communications.

To, the deputy general director of Sports Promotion and Sports Innovation of the Superior Council of Sports, Txus Mardaras Arrue, the experience of receiving international delegations provides an added value to the preparation of our #TeamESP since they have the opportunity to share knowledge, learn new techniques of work and test the competitive level of our rivals: “The joint training with these athletes, who in general have gotten great results, raises our level. Without a doubt, it is also very important the relationship that may exist between the coaches and technical staff. They win and we win them.”

In addition, “these athletes generate a number of revenue which accrues directly ennuestros centers and allow them to improve their services,” says the responsible of the management of the High Performance centres of the CSD.

Spain currently has the support of four centers of High Performance Sports located in Madrid, Barcelona, Granada and León to the development of High Level programs, in addition to the specialized centres of Palma de Mallorca (cycling), Madrid (golf), Seville (rowing and canoeing), Las Gabias – Granada (shooting olympic) and Santander (sail).



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