Experiences in Sierra de Gredos

Experiences in Sierra de Gredos

Experience in chozo
Recalls the life of the goatherds in the XXI century


Chozo Conyegar

Live a new experience

Camping on our farm of more than 10,000 square feet and live the experience of sleeping in the Sierra de Gredos, recalling the life of the goatherds.

For that you can immerse yourself better in the adventure I recommend you to give a break to the everyday and to park the mobile. Be able to communicate using the walkie-talkie that will provide you with us... and Even if you are not able to disconnect, quiet down, because you have 4G coverage. In any case we are always attentive to your needs, to give you support.



• If you want it you got a breakfast for people to not have to cook.
• We can also help you cook in the bush a few crumbs or a rich stew of goat. And if what you want is to enjoy, will you cook us and... it's taste!
• In addition, for you not to be so hard, you have fridge, kitchen, amenities, shower with hot water... that we are not already vetones!



• You can jump into the world of archery. Our cabreros contemporaries have not used it ever, but our ancestors the goatherds vetones yes, to hunt and to defend the land of the roman legions.
• If you come with small, we can adentrarles in the world of climbing in a climbing gym from the very basic level (suitable for children from 6 to 12 years), where the scale and make a rappelling with all safety, checking if it attracts them to the specialty.
• If you like pedaling, you can combine your stay with bike rides. We provide mountain BIKE with 21 gears.
• And if you like the photograph, we can offer you a photography workshop in the heart of nature.



• The capacity of the chozo is suitable for up to 4 persons.
• The possibility of camping with a tent, up to 10 people maximum, at a rate of 5 €/day per person.
• Booking the chozo also reserves the right to use the finca of 10.000 m2.
• Commitment to respect the environment, all of which make use of this farm.
• You can book a ride in a 4×4 or mountain BIKE riding in the area with a guide.


Important note

We know that you are clear that this experience is NOT suitable for stag parties, holidays and activities there.


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