Young, talented, and ready to claim their place in the elite of the paddle

They were born in the decade of the 90's and want to be protagonists in the future of the paddle world. So are the JASP of the World Paddle Tour.

In a women's tour of the World Paddle Tour more exciting than ever, we look at the emerging talents that you already know what it is to live in the elite with the best in the world. By his age and talent, were and are promises, that with time and effort, have ceased to be to find a reality, a future of glory in the Pantheon of the paddle. The future is already here, and I invite you to get to know it:


Gemma Triay (28/06/1992) The alayorense comes from completing the season of his consecration in the elite of the paddle world. Next to Lucia Sainz (which was adapted from the setback to the drive to play the side of the menorquina) managed to stand in nothing more and nothing less than the final three. A 9th place ranking wrought with victories over the best teams on the circuit. Triay is the elegance made player paddle. A never-ending repertoire of shots, trajectories impossible, a talent come to the tennis to dominate the sport. His ceiling is still not in sight. The challenge is to achieve a regular basis the maximum level that allows the assault to the top of the table. Will this be the year of “Gemmagnífica” Triay?.


Alba Galán (14/04/1992) madrid began the past year with Marta Ortega, with which it shared its fate during the media campaign. Would complete the year by playing with Mari Carmen Villalba. Three presences in the semi-finals and a total of 2760 points helped him to finish in the 11th square from the list of entries and pass to get the ticket for the Final Master. It is in this scenario, where the player trained by Ramiro Choya, exhibited some of the virtues that make him a player to follow. Alba dominates the game from your 1,84 tall. From that vantage point, Galán enjoy the game thanks to a power brutal and not without sass, and imagination. A seal of identity that seeks certification who give the titles.


Marta Ortega (14/02/1997) Its emergence in the circuit, it is now more than four years, will soon let her see that Marta Ortega, we came to the arrival of a player different. Of those that come to stay. As Ortega has been knocking off many records of precocity exist, the madrid has been gaining experience at the highest competitive level. This player drive, finish the course in the 12th position after completing the campaign with Ariana Sanchez. Another presence in the Final Master, that he already knew what it was to play a final, it is the best summary of his already extensive palmares. To the couple who extended their studies of medicine, Marta Ortega works in pursuit of another “doctorate”, the paddle world. Your credentials are one of the best defenses in the world, in addition to a competitive nature to the test of all. As you grow your ranking, your title “Martita”, is becoming increasingly more paradoxical.


Victory Churches (16/05/1994) The player seville is another of the faces normal in the last rounds of the best tournaments. This last campaign with Cata Tenorio, Churches would end in the 13th square of the world rankings. Getting to play as alternate a meeting in the Final Master. The andalusian, to the orders of Javier Peña, wants to end with a barrier damn the last course: the quarterfinals. An instance that reached up to 10 times. To tear down that wall, Victory account with a powerful blow of two-handed backhand, in addition to a powerful arsenal of impacts deployed from the position of the other way around. The goal is to win the best couples because there is a free pass to the finals, to the glory of the paddle.


Ariana Sanchez (19/07/1997) The reusense would start the year last year along with Tamara Icardo, for the protagonist after a shocking “rush” end of the campaign, present in 7 instances the quarterfinals next to Marta Ortega. A leap of quality, that led him up to the 16th square of the rankings, climbing 25 spots. Ariana looks like an apparent calmness beyond her age when it jumps to the track. Complete, versatile, and imaginative. The perfect complement to Martha Ortega.

The player Catalan was at the gates of the Final Master, an absence that is not willing to concede in this course. A year for the player, accustomed to dominate everything in the lower categories, has to be of his consecration in the elite of the paddle world.


Lucia Martinez Gomez (16/05/1991) The granada continues its progression into the elite of the paddle. This player drive, completed last season along with Teresa Navarro. The quarter and semi-finals were their greatest peaks, for a cycle that would end up leaving Lucy in the place number 17 in the world. A great service, in addition to a sublime mastery of his right hand, and the two-handed backhand, make the alhambra a reality of the circuit. But this reality, which climbed 6 positions with respect to the previous season, aspires to be even more brilliant in this 2017.

The season Paddle World Tour will once again be in charge of testing these young players who aspire to occupy the throne of the paddle women. Everything in a circuit that promises to be the most matched and competed in the sport's history.

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