• The couple number 3 of the ranking World Padel Tour stops were to the sisters Sanchez Alayeto


    The last passport to the grand final of the Santander Open Trophy Jubilee Year Lebaniego, is going to be decided in the duel that was to couples 2 and 3 in the ranking of the World Paddle Tour, Mapi and Majo Sánchez Alayeto in front of Patricia Llaguno and Elizabeth Amatriaín. Going to be the players that trains Nekki Bergwig in charge of set the tone in the duel. With a paddle solid and a strategy that is very defined from the start, managed to dominate the first four games of the duel. 5-1 came an outbreak of reaction of the players, Jorge Martinez, coming to retrieve one of the two breaks of disadvantage accumulated. But without a minimum of continuity in your game, the mission of a comeback seemed almost chimerical, yielding at the end the first set 6-3 in 48 minutes.


    In the second episode of the game, the forces were equalized. On the basis of character, the twins kept the steady rhythm of Patty and Eli, who were able to withstand the reaction of the tricks that they were never comfortable on the track. All in all, the twins managed to get to the 12th game with 0-40 on his behalf to force the tie-break. But again the faith and the claw of the la rioja and murcia, shook hands with the ballast of unforced errors that were penalized much for his rivals. A 7-5 put the couple in number 3 in the grand final Sunday. A final in the city where two years ago and already conquered his first title as a couple. Begin the course of these two fierce competitors that they will pursue the glory morning before Marta Ortega and Ariana Sanchez.


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