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¿Why should you use our website to advertise your products and services?

Many companies are already using online advertising and reducing the use of advertising “traditional” (on tv, on the radio, in the newspapers and magazines printed).

The Online Advertising it may be more “interesting” than traditional advertising and even more for small and medium-sized enterprises.

It is more cheap. Not only the advertisements on the Internet is much more economical than the traditional (in general), but have a higher probability of being effective.

Why online advertising could be more effective?

Because online ads are placed on web pages or web sites that are frequented by people that belongs to the profile you are looking for a company.

PADEL Femme works by market segments to increase sales of the client. For example, if you have a brand that belongs to a sector as you can be a travel agency, our advertising policy is to give a exclusive on the web during the duration of the contract.

If you advertise in our web, don't you think that you are likely to attract more customers?

You will have a coverage much larger. On the Internet there are no geographical barriers and when you put your ads on our web site the envision people from Argentina, united States, Spain, China, etc, All be able to see it. As you can see, it can be an excellent opportunity to expand your business from local to national, or national to global.

In conclusion, the Online Advertising can help you to reach your potential market, the consumer market which is ready to make a purchase or to pay for a service.

PADEL Femme it is the first reference portal world of padel feminine. We work with companies that are committed to this sport through our digital platforms as they are, newsletter, publication of the web contents, Banner advertising and social networks.

Position and reinforce the brand or business according to their needs, increasing the target audience, especially the female. We very much take into account the exclusivity sectors. We have a Database of its own.


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