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PADEL Femme it is considered as “The first portal of reference and support to the Female Paddle of Spain and the world”. A platform where our main objective is to encourage, support and promote the sport, both professionally, as an amateur.

PADEL Femme in its almost seven years has been a company taken as a point of reference for the padeleras, brands, companies and important people that support this sport. Giving all the news and updates that are coming to our writing published in their respective sections and reinforcing the content in news and current events, as well as in our digital media newsletter (large data base), YouTube (videos of parties, events, with over 500,000 views and over 400 subscribers), and our strength in social networks.

PADEL Femme is the new link between the amateur and the professional, very necessary to get the paddle female in the place that corresponds to him.



Our most important goal and main one is “Seek employers that support the paddle female, primary to be able to make events paddle tennis female, either Amateur or Professional.” A great challenge, so we work day-to-day by getting sponsors, sponsors, collaborators to be able to fulfill this project.

PADEL Femme born with a single philosophy: to provide personalized service and suitable to the needs of each client, offering a global service in the Internet. Publicítate with us, we work for businesses through advertising on the web, using Banners, campaigns, support and reinforce the brand or business according to their needs, increasing the target audience, especially the female. We have very in account the best of the different sectors that are involved unconditionally with women's sport.

We offer custom events, we have a track mobile to be able to run the event directly in the client's home, in businesses, places, landmarks, sports centers, villages, and areas where there are no paddle tennis courts. An event of high impact for entrepreneurs and brands. Conducting tournaments (Intercompanies, customers, days of sales, brand positioning in areas where they have not yet arrived) all custom to detail.

We build paddle tennis courts both in Spain and in Europe. We carry out the maintenance and restoration of the same, covered paddle courts with new systems and with advertising options on the site, as well as new lighting systems of low energy consumption.

We work with the paddle marks that are committed to the paddle tennis female and want to go hand in hand together to PADEL Femmewith the option of exclusivity in the web sections.

We are a service company, taking care of the corporate image of companies, brands, clubs, gym, with an experience of over ten years, working for smes and GGCC through vinyl, lettering, signage, tarps, wear tracks of paddle tennis, cubreredes, everything a company needs for its image.

Specialists and with its own machinery, sublimation, screen printing, tamponara trusts, laser, milling machine, coffe cups, coffe plates, t-shirts, promotional, kits for brands, clubs and leagues, gift promotional advertising products, with unbeatable prices and personalized to your liking.

We are a team of professionals and we differentiate ourselves by the personalized service, we have everything you need for your Marketing campaigns, Merchandising, and if you can't find it, you will manufacture it.

We have designers of their own to make the implementation of the corporate image of the companies or brands. Fill out our form and we will contact you. Budgets without commitment.

We design your Web Page, key in hand. All the information in our services section.

Enjoy with us the experiences in the Sierra de Gredos, combines the paddle, with 4×4, biking, hiking, and food of the area. A healthy experience, and custom that you won't forget.

Re-launch the section of “Interviews with Rosamar”, with customized items of men and women who now have or have had a social impact. Athletes, entrepreneurs, VIPS, even people that are not known publicly, this is why we welcome with great enthusiasm his statements that for sure it will enrich all readers PADEL Femme.

We list the tournaments or chronic end that is conducted in clubs or sports facilities, to do this send us a poster or a photo and small article of the event to this email: prensa@padelfemme.com

We want to know what they want the athletes and for that we launched our section Questionnaires or Surveysboth direct questions as to campaigns for our clients.

Known to the best players in the world, we have the tabs for the professionals to know a little bit more, learn more in our section “Players“.

And as we want to support all women athletes, we open a new section SPORT Femmebecause “We're Not Just a Paddle... Sport In the Feminine”, you can be informed of the feminine universe, other sports where the woman begins to stand and need our support. Excited to be part of this new project.

New Blog “Things in Pink“ where will be posted different topics where you can interact, opinions, advice, requests, claims, items of women related to the sport. A section fun and positive for the world women's sports.

A great project for the future, hopeful and welcomed with a lot of strength and excitement.

Our gratitude to the Higher Council of Sports, Women and Sports, Community of Madrid, Spanish Federation of Padel, Federation of Madrid Padel, for believing in our work and for all the support that we are receiving.

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