Akkeron, 9 years of innovation in the industry of the paddle.




The carbon fiber is a composite material, constituted mainly by carbon. It has mechanical properties similar to steel and is as light as wood or plastic. Due to its hardness it has a lower impact resistance than steel. As the glass fiber, it is a common case of metonymy, which gives the entire name of a party, in this case the name of the fibers that reinforce.
Each carbon filament is the union of many thousands of carbon fibers. A filament is a thin tube with a diameter of 5-8 micrometers and consists mostly of carbon, hence it is said, too, that this compound of carbon nanotubes.
The atomic structure of carbon fiber is similar to that of graphite, consisting of sheets of carbon atoms arranged in a regular pattern hexagonal. The difference lies in the manner in which the sheets intersect. Graphite is a crystalline material where the sheets are placed parallel to each other on a regular basis. The chemical bonds between sheets is relatively weak, giving graphite its softness and brightness characteristic. The carbon fiber is an amorphous material: the sheets of carbon atoms are randomly foliated, or pressed, together. This integrates to the leaves, preventing the smearing between the layers and greatly enhancing its resistance.


One of the developments on which it is focusing the current technology is aerodynamics thanks to wind tunnel virtual.
Arranging the holes in a circular shape can be closer to the mark and improve the efficiency, getting lower the air pressure in the face of beating, to the time that the surface where most tension builds up in the punch is removed, holes, improving the power and control, at the same time increases the resistance of the same to the breaks.
It becomes a drilling smart designed for each model of shovel, making it unique.


A complex internal system of interlacing by using synthetic fibers are designed to get the blade get the strength, control and adequate power. Reforzandolo in several points in order to achieve adequate strength and that all of the shovel being able to interact in the beatings.
Everything is combined by a system of both external and internal structures of reinforcement, an external design improves performance and distributes all the stresses, eliminating a greater percentage of vibrations.


The rubber makes the blade of their mechanical characteristics of flexibility. The more soft a rubber more comfortable it will be, and the more recovery you have with more power will be thrown the ball. One of the main points of development of our new collection is the rubber.
Have collaborated on the development, the R & D department of our supplier and our, elbow to elbow.
The new rubber that has been designed expressly for our factory brings together features that enhance the shovel to levels that have not been achieved until now, by increasing the power, reducing vibration, improving comfort and increasing the control, in addition to getting a blade much more stable on all points of scrimmage.


In the performance of a blade paddle one of the materials that most influence is the resin. Responsible to merge in a block, all the fibers in a single array, is that it stabilizes and gives the mechanical characteristics of performance, wear, flexibility, and endurance.
All our models feature a resin of high-performance, that provide their own unique and singular, and that has allowed us to increase its resistance. Able to withstand temperatures of more than 80ºc


With spectacular designs and different to any current model, our collections have always had their own name and appellation of origin. While the majority of brands today are opting for import product from asian markets and argentines, we believe in a product 100% Spanish, and competing with these markets with technology and innovations. We are not just selling a product, what we think, we design, develop, manufacture and market high.
Our R & D department, design and development have come together to re-invent from scratch all the processes, products and designs, to be able to compete with the other brands that are dedicate to import. We have rearranged our factory, with a new phase of the update focused on the final finish of the product, and giving it a unique touch and personal, and advancing again to the rest of the brands.
The blades are manufactured with products or Spaniards or imported from the EEC, and being controlled the process in its entirety, thus achieving the highest standards of manufacturing, resulting in a product of the highest quality.

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