TARRAGONA.- Turned Tasting and advance the favorite

The club Tennis Tarragona was reserved for them. The girls initiated their participation in the International of Tarragona, on a day without surprises, with the victory of the main couples and the long-awaited return of Cata Tenorio.
After your maternity, and as I had promised, Cata Tenorio returned to the official competition in the company of Nela Brito, and did so with victory against Celestial Peace and Rosa María Pérez Domenech for 6/3 and 6/2.

This Saturday I expect a hard commitment, for a place in the semi-finals, before Paula Eyheraguibel and Silvana Campus who was eliminated in two sets to Garralda-Treptow.

The numbers 1, Carolina Navarro and Cecilia Reiter returned to play after several months and after the injury of the malagueña. There were difficulties to be overcome by 6/3 and 6/1 to Mowbray-Gago.

Montes-Llaguno returned to defeat the twins Majo and Mapi Sáchez Alayeto in two matched sets-6/4 and 6/3, while Valeria Pavon and Alejandra Salazar you won Vanesa Alonso and Carmen Leon for 6/3 and 6/4.

This Saturday morning, from the time 10 in the Pavilion of the Seraglio, play Montes-Llaguno before Fernández de Osso-Villalba, and then Navarro-Reiter before Amatriain-Berl. At the same times, but in the Tennis Club, will face Peacock-Salazar against Marquez-Navarro, and Tenorio-Brito to Eyheraguibel-Campus.

Texts: Oscar Solé


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